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Adventures in Glacier Bay

First off... Happy 2017 and welcome to The Perfect Thing! I am so excited to start this journey with you. :) As a kid, I always heard of my family's amazing adventures to Glacier Bay and Desolation Sound. My connection to these wonderful places was previously tied through old images and photo albums. Although, this summer I was able to experience this incredible place first hand. In June, I was lucky enough to make the journey to Glacier Bay. This trip, in particular, has been extra special because it is potentially the last time that my grandparents will make the journey to Glacier Bay.

My grandfather and grandmother started their trip in Seattle, Washington, planning to make it to Glacier Bay, Alaska by mid-June. I began my adventure later accompanied by my aunt and a family friend.

We flew from Seattle to Juneau and then from Juneau to Gustavus. After taking a tour through the small town we arrived at the Bartlett Cove docks where we would truly embark on our journey.

Most of our time on the boat was spent taking pictures, cooking, reading, playing card games and overall enjoying each others company.

Daily we would get up, boat to our next destination (previously mapped out), set out crab pots and relax keeping our eyes peeled for whales, sea otters, and bears - the latter which we, unfortunately, saw none of :/.

One of the most incredible scenes from the trip was seeing the Margerie Glacier calve (when pieces of ice fall off of the glacier). At the time we were exploring in the dinghy, so it was slightly terrifying once the mini tidal waves headed our way.

There are other opportunities to see this amazing destination without applying for a private boat permit. For example, the Glacier Bay Photo Tours which take place during the summer (July 17-24 2017)and include lodging, meals, transpiration, a flight over Glacier Bay and photography instruction. Another option is the daily tours that take place out of the Glacier Bay Lodge.

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