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  • Wicker and Raffia Bags for Summer

    With summer upon us, the doors are opening to weekend beach escapes, foreign adventures, and with this - summer style. When dreaming of warm weather styles, I often gravitate toward accessories that evoke a natural, effortless enhancement to any outfit. Wicker and raffia bags are essentials. And I love that many of these pieces tie in a pop of color - lending to the vibrancy of the season. So whether you're looking for an addition to your vacation repertoire or a go-to seasonal staple, this selection is the perfect first step. Happy (almost) summer!

  • Accessories for Spring

    When thinking about accessorizing for spring, I tend to gravitate toward feminine shades and touches. Items that often come to mind are stylish sunglasses, colorful scarves, and woven hats. With the days getting warmer and the evenings brighter, it's also a time to lean into pairing these items with transitional sweaters and lightweight outerwear. This selection of accessories for spring is sure to have you skipping into the season with pieces that brighten up your day-to-day. Sunglasses: Spring Scarfs: Hats: Hair Accessories: Belts: Happy spring!

  • What to Pack for Spring Break: Fun in the Sun

    With spring break around the corner, it's time to start planning what you'll pack to make the most of your warm-weather vacation. I tend to reach for bright colors, patterns, flowy fabrics, and pieces that I can easily wear day or night while on tropical vacations. With this in mind, I've curated a selection of resort wear that perfectly blends comfort and style. From stylish swimsuits, to light-weight dresses, sophisticated sunnies, and chic sun hats. This spring break packing list has been thoughtfully compiled to ensure ease of packing and versatility while you soak in sun. So whether you are enjoying a family vacation, girls trip, or a getaway with friends -- cheers to fun in the sun and many memories. Spring Break Packing List Swimwear Coverups Dresses Tops Bottoms Shoes: Sandals, Flip Flops, Sneakers, Evening Shoes Night Wear Undergarments Hats Sun Glasses Beach Bag Sunscreen Beach Read Toiletries Swimwear Coverups Vacation Footwear Bags Bon voyage!

  • Snow Bunny Season: What to Pack for a Ski Day

    While this year's ski season is getting off to a slower start, your slope styles and aprés looks don't have to. Plus, with snow finally hitting the West Coast, you'll have plenty of opportunities to put them to good use. When layering for a day on the hill, it's important to make sure you have all of the essentials. So here's a little ski day checklist to ensure all your ducks are in a row. What to Pack for a Ski Day: Helmet Goggles Neck Gator Ski Pass Long Underwear, Additional Warm Layers Jacket Gloves (and liners) Pants Socks Boots Skis Poles *I always check head to toe to make sure I'm not forgetting anything before heading to the hill. For those of you braving the cold locally or seeking some crisp mountain air, I've compiled a selection of jackets, pants, one-pieces, accessories, and shoes to keep you cozy and chic on and off the slopes! Jackets Pants One Piece Layers Accessories Shoes Happy skiing (and aprés)!

  • Holiday Gift Guide: The Beauty Lover

    It's that time of year! With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you're going to delight family and friends with thoughtful and luxurious gifts - starting with how you'll surprise the beauty lovers in your life with some note-worthy finds. Discover the holiday gift guide for beauty lovers consisting of rich and creamy skincare formulas, meticulously crafted to soak the skin in a velvety embrace of nourishment or navigate through the captivating landscape of makeup hues, each palette designed to enhance natural beauty and provide an expressive outlet for personal style. This carefully selected range of products extends a gracious invitation to experience moments of serenity and self-care, bestowing upon the recipient the gift of relaxation and an allure to indulge. Merry Christmas! ~ Caroline

  • Thanksgiving Dinner

    How is it already almost Thanksgiving?! I truly cannot believe it. With the day approaching, it's time to start thinking about what to make for Thanksgiving dinner. I can already sense the aromatic embrace of the festive feast. Envision your kitchen engulfed in the rich aroma of the seasoned turkey, infused with the blend of rosemary, lemon, and thyme. Meanwhile, a symphony of flavors orchestrates as the pecan pie gracefully crisps in the oven, and the mashed sweet potatoes metamorphosize into a golden delight, transforming your space into a seasonal sanctuary. But there's no doubt that hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be an intimidating endeavor. Fear not, for this year, I have tips to help you get started and I've also curated an exquisite array of options for you to cherry-pick your Thanksgiving menu. Discover delectable appetizers that open the palate, sides that complement your delicious spread, mains that steal the spotlight, sauces that promise to elevate every morsel, and desserts that promise a sweet conclusion to your feast. 5 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner Plan - Plan ahead when it comes to your guest list (and potential surprise guests), dinner menu, and decor. Setting the table - Set the table the night before. This will ensure you have one less thing on your plate when the day rolls around, making it a more enjoyable and inspiring experience. Cook Ahead of Time - Make as much as you can leading up to Thanksgiving. Preparing dressings, gravy, and soups is a great place to start. Ask for Help - Most people realize that hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be an overwhelming experience (especially if it's your first time), so don't be afraid to ask for help. Stick to what you know (or what is reasonably within your scope) -- This isn't the time to start experimenting with new or complex recipes. ;) What to Make for Thanksgiving Dinner Wondering what to make for Thanksgiving dinner this year? Look no further. This thoughtfully curated collection of recipes is sure to captivate your guests' palates and have them indulging in seconds. Thanksgiving Appetizers Thanksgiving Sides The Main Event - Thanksgiving Turkey Thanksgiving Sauces Thanksgiving Desserts Let me know in the comments what special dish is a must on your Thanksgiving dinner table or any hosting tips you have. Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Caroline *All image and recipe credits to original sources linked.

  • 10 Fall Wardrobe Staples to Prioritize This Season

    When it comes to dressing for fall, there are a lot of elements we have to think about -- literally. One minute it could be sunny and 75* and the next, it could be hailing. Especially here in the mountains, you never know what you're going to get. So with this in mind, we have to build our fall wardrobes mindfully and creating a solid foundation is the first step. When investing in new pieces for fall, there are three factors that I always try to keep in mind: layering, seasonality, and timelessness. Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Building a Fall Wardrobe: Can you layer with it? Is it seasonally appropriate? Is this something I would wear next year or even next season? If it doesn't check at least 2 of these, it's a pass (the 3rd being the post important in my eyes). After you've established this baseline, it's time to prioritize these 10 staple items this season. 10 Fall Wardrobe Staples to Prioritize This Season Classic Base Layers Versatile Knitwear Structured Coat Classic Blazer (Faux) Leather Pants Dark Wash Denim Ballet Flat or Loafer Tall Black or Brown Boot Simple Handbag Statement Belt Now it's time for some inspiration! Classic Base Layers Versatile Knitwear Structured Coat Classic Blazer (Faux) Leather Pants Dark Wash Denim Ballet Flat or Loafer Tall Black or Brown Boot Simple Handbag Classic Belt Let me know what your fall staples are in the comments. Happy shopping! - Caroline

  • October Highlights

    The months are flying by - I realize this more and more as I consistently write these monthly recaps. We are officially moving into winter, and with this shift comes the holidays, gift giving, quality time with family, cozy recipes and even cozier clothes. In the coming months on the blog, you can look forward to discovering more recipes, a variety of holiday gift guides, and inspiring seasonal content. What's New This past month has been filled with a healthy balance of fun adventures and settling into a post-summer routine. I am a creature of habit, so establishing some sort of routine is crucial -- especially while working from home. Naturally, after finishing 75 Hard, I had to seek a new physical challenge. So, I decided to start training for a marathon. There aren't any marathons happening locally (which is reasonable given that snow has already begun to fall!), but I'm excited to embark on this journey of real-training for a fake marathon. ;) I'm following the Run with Hal program if you feel so inclined to join in! One of the highlights of the month was heading out to North Carolina. It was my first time there and such a beautiful place! I will be sure to compile a list of my favorite spots and must haves for your reference. Recent Finds Whether you're in search of a gift or looking to treat yourself, here are a few recent finds that I have my eye on. My Favorite Recipe of the Month This past month we resurfaced one of our favorite recipes. We hadn't made this Baked Ziti in years and it was even better than we remembered. After making a few tweaks to the original, we have perfected it. I will be sure to share a full post that breaks down how just a couple of adjustments took it to the next level this time. Happy winter! - Caroline

  • What to Pack for a Fall Getaway

    Whether you're venturing out to admire the ever-changing leaves or escaping to a mountain town up north, it's important to plan on including the essentials when packing for a fall getaway that are both stylish and practical. While planning your wardrobe, reach for pieces such as cozy cashmere knits, long coats, a water resistant layer, wide leg denim, comfortable sneakers, and boots. To make the most out of your weekender bag, consider where you might be able to choose versatile options, as well. I would start by considering a pair of go-to denim or shoes. Seize the season with a crisp fall getaway and channel inspiration from this thoughtfully curated packing list. Fall Getaway Packing List Base Layers - Shirts, Tees Mid Layers - Sweaters, Vests, Outer Layers - Coats, Jackets, Waterproof layers Accessories - Hat, Gloves, Scarves, Belt, Tote/Purse Shoes - Comfortable Sneakers, (Rain) Boots The Basics - Undergarments, Warm Socks, Toiletries, Chargers, etc. Fall Getaway Essentials Let me know which pieces you would pack in the comments. Bon voyage! - Caroline

  • Fall Boots to Complete Your Wardrobe This Season

    Autumn provides an ideal opportunity to discover or rekindle your love for a diverse array of boots, which can seamlessly blend into your daily wardrobe. It's a season I eagerly anticipate, as I love revisiting classics that I've collected over the years and discovering what this season has to offer. My personal preference leans toward timeless browns and blacks of various heights and heel styles. These boot staples serve as the perfect finishing touch to elevate any fall outfit, effortlessly complementing the cozy appeal of jeans and a cozy cashmere sweater, or enhancing the elegance of a long dress with complementary fall hues. Explore my thoughtfully curated collection of both short and tall boots, handpicked to enhance your fall wardrobe. Each pair is carefully chosen to not only keep you in style but also offer the utmost comfort and versatility for the upcoming season. Whether you're strolling through fall foliage or attending a seasonal soirée, these boots are bound to become your go-to fashion statement this autumn. Short Boots for Fall Tall Boots for Fall I would love to know which peaked your interest or who makes your favorite boots in the comments. Cheers! - Caroline

  • How to Layer for Fall: The 3-Layer Method

    With fall comes the exciting challenge of layering. With 30 degree mornings turning into 70 degree days, it's important that you dress strategically. Taking on this task should always start with checking the forecast -- because while Mother Nature always seems to have a curveball in her back pocket, it's worth having an idea. When figuring out how to layer for fall, the 3-layer method is the perfect place to start: Base Layer - a light weight layer that is both warm and comfortable against the skin. Examples of a base layer are a t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, or camisole. Mid Layer - a thicker layer that can be wore on top of your base layer and fits well under your outer layer. Examples of a mid layer include a sweater or a cardigan. Outer Layer - a warm layer that protects you from the elements and fits comfortably over all layers and can be easily shed. Examples of an outer layer include a jacket or coat. Discover some of my recent finds that are sure to help you navigate dressing for fall using the 3-Layer Method broken down by base layer, mid layer, and outer layer. Base Layer Mid Layer Outer Layer Happy layering! Stay Cozy. - Caroline

  • The Best Skincare Products for Dry Weather

    If you didn't feel it already, fall is in the air - especially here in the mountains. This changing of the seasons means that with our rotating wardrobes, we also have to consider updating our skincare and makeup routines for the dry fall and winter weather. Changing your skincare routine for fall and winter is important to keep your skin hydrated and glowing - despite Mother Nature's efforts to do the contrary. My skin tends to run pretty neutral (not too oily or too dry) for the most part, but that doesn't mean that I don't have to adjust accordingly to the dry weather to maintain the status quo. So no matter your skin type, I have curated a selection of fall and winter skincare products that I use or are currently in my cart that are sure to help as you navigate this new season. Hydrating Face & Neck Moisturizer for Dry Weather Face Serums & Oil for Dry Weather Hydrating Face Masks for Dry Weather Eye Creams for Dry Weather Lip Treatment for Dry Weather I would love to hear about your seasonal favorites in the comments! Stay glowing! - Caroline

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