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2019 New Year's Resolutions

Bonjour mes amis and Happy New Year!

A large portion of everyone's focus at the start of the year is "figuring out" a New Year's resolution and maintaining it.

Although there are many things that I can work on this year, I was stumped at the end of 2018 when trying to determine what I wanted my New Year's resolution(s) to be.

As friends asked me what my goals were for the year, I drew a blank. I wanted to choose something that was practical, that would help me grow as a person, but that I could actually accomplish and adopt into my lifestyle.

I had heard of others' resolutions that were manageable and truly initiated growth, which inspired me to ensure that this was present in mine as well.

My idea for 2019 is to have a new resolution or goal each month that I learn and grow from. I want this to be a trial of sorts for 12 things that I could/want to adopt it into my lifestyle. I think it is important to try each goal for one month because this will give me, and you, the perspective and insights to decide how I can (if needed) modify the goal to continue to be realistic in the long run.

I am excited about this challenge because it will give me the chance to tackle 12 different goals throughout the year and provide a true timeline for each.

I hope that this idea inspires you to evaluate your New Year's resolutions, make new ones, and/or set goals for yourself that inspire growth mentally, spiritually, socially, etc.

Cheers to a fantastic 2019 filled with much success!

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