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Eloise at the Plaza

Last week I was in New York City and stayed at The Plaza. When looking for places to stay I kept two things in mind, 1.Location 2.Customer Service/Quality. Located in the southeast corner of Central Park, The Plaza was perfect.

When we arrived at The Plaza we were greeted by sweet treats and Belvoir Sparkling Elderflower & Rose Lemonade.

In advance, my sister and I made sure that we would be maximizing our time in New York by creating a day-to-day itinerary.

The objective of this trip was not necessarily one of tourist means but instead one of shopping and exploring the city streets. :)

We made a list of all of the stores that we wanted to go to, pinned each of them on a map, and then divided/assigned them (based on location) to a day.

Next, we worked on the meal aspect of our trip. I made sure that for each day we at least had a lunch and dinner. We knew (based on previous trips and practicality) that breakfast was not going to be a major meal for us so we decided that if we were hungry we would grab something quick at a little cafe on our way but did not necessarily need a reservation/plan.

Keeping all of this in mind The Plaza Hotel was a spectacular location for us to call home.

*There will be a full New York City Travel Guide & Itinerary coming soon!

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