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Thanksgiving Dinner

How is it already almost Thanksgiving?! I truly cannot believe it. With the day approaching, it's time to start thinking about what to make for Thanksgiving dinner. I can already sense the aromatic embrace of the festive feast. Envision your kitchen engulfed in the rich aroma of the seasoned turkey, infused with the blend of rosemary, lemon, and thyme. Meanwhile, a symphony of flavors orchestrates as the pecan pie gracefully crisps in the oven, and the mashed sweet potatoes metamorphosize into a golden delight, transforming your space into a seasonal sanctuary.

But there's no doubt that hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be an intimidating endeavor. Fear not, for this year, I have tips to help you get started and I've also curated an exquisite array of options for you to cherry-pick your Thanksgiving menu. Discover delectable appetizers that open the palate, sides that complement your delicious spread, mains that steal the spotlight, sauces that promise to elevate every morsel, and desserts that promise a sweet conclusion to your feast.

5 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Plan - Plan ahead when it comes to your guest list (and potential surprise guests), dinner menu, and decor.

  2. Setting the table - Set the table the night before. This will ensure you have one less thing on your plate when the day rolls around, making it a more enjoyable and inspiring experience.

  3. Cook Ahead of Time - Make as much as you can leading up to Thanksgiving. Preparing dressings, gravy, and soups is a great place to start.

  4. Ask for Help - Most people realize that hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be an overwhelming experience (especially if it's your first time), so don't be afraid to ask for help.

  5. Stick to what you know (or what is reasonably within your scope) -- This isn't the time to start experimenting with new or complex recipes. ;)

What to Make for Thanksgiving Dinner

Wondering what to make for Thanksgiving dinner this year? Look no further. This thoughtfully curated collection of recipes is sure to captivate your guests' palates and have them indulging in seconds.

Thanksgiving Appetizers

Thanksgiving Sides

The Main Event - Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Sauces

Thanksgiving Desserts

Let me know in the comments what special dish is a must on your Thanksgiving dinner table or any hosting tips you have.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Caroline

*All image and recipe credits to original sources linked.


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