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  • Summer Nautical

    Embracing Effortless-chic and Setting Sail with Nautical Summer Fashion Happy August! With the warm temperatures we're all experiencing, it's hard to believe that we are beyond halfway done with summer. But your summer wardrobe doesn't have to be stowed right when school (for you or the kiddos) starts back up! What better way to navigate this season than with a timeless, effortlessly chic combination of blues and whites? Invest in nautical summer pieces that you'll reach for year-over-year. There's something undeniably captivating about the nautical style that effortlessly captures the essence of summer. Whether you're relaxing seaside or cruising around town, an elegant blue and white ensemble will surely put some pep in your step. The classic sailor-inspired look has been embraced by fashion icons for decades, exuding an air of simple sophistication. With a foundation of blue and white, you open up a world of styling possibilities. Experiment with patterns for a playful twist on the classic nautical theme. Accessorize with woven straw hats, espadrilles, and a straw bag to add a touch of seaside charm. Summer Nautical Outfits: Summer Nautical Shoes: Summer Nautical Accessories: Cheers! - Caroline

  • July Highlights: Top Products and Things That Made July 2023 GREAT!

    I hope you all had a wonderful July filled with celebrations, warm weather, time outside, and more. In this blog post, I have compiled a list of products and things that made July 2023 great! I hope each of these inspire you as you step into August. What's New This Month: This month I started 75 Hard and I'm loving the structured discipline that it is integrating into my life. I tend to be a fairly disciplined person but the intentionality that comes with working to complete the 7 tasks for each day (reading 10 pages, 1 45-minute workout outside, 1 45-minute workout inside, following an eating style, no alcohol, 1 gallon of water, and a progress picture each day) has been both challenging and rewarding. I don't find the challenge as a whole to be straining by any means, but more so a way to stretch your mind/body and become more intentional about how you structure your day. What Books to Read This Summer: - Peak Mind by Amishi P. Jha PhD: As previously mentioned, part of 75 Hard is reading 10+pages of non-fiction each day. I came across the book Peak Mind in the airport this past spring and it really caught my attention. Ironically so because the premise of the book is learn about how to find your focus and strengthen your attention. One of my biggest take aways from the book was that you only need to practice mindfulness or meditation a minimum of 12 minutes per day for 8 weeks to notice significant impacts to your focus, attention, memory, and more. Give it a read or put the practice into action and let me know what you think in the comments. Best Summer Product Finds (Barbie Edition): While everyone is talking about the recent release of the Barbie movie, I have become enamored by the extensive marketing! Especially all of the Barbie-influenced products (subtle or not) that you could integrate into your summer lifestyle. Here are a few Barbie pool products that caught my eye: Best Sunscreen For All of Your Summer Activities: Whether your sitting poolside or tackling an outdoor adventure, I have been loving this Supergoop Play Everyday SPF 50 Sunscreen! It goes on clear, dries quickly and leaves you with the perfect balance of matte with a glow. I have several of them ready to go in my beach and hiking bags. Recommended Movies And TV Shows: I had to include this section this month because I am itching for the latest season (or half a season, rather) of Yellowstone to be released. Months back, we were left on the edge of our seats and subsequently promised the second half of season 5 in July 2023. Well, July has come and gone and there are now rumors of a November release floating around. We'll see...stay tuned. Recipes I Want to Try: Summer is always an inspiring time for me to try new recipes and resurface stowed favorites. I came across this Grilled Peach Crumble recipe via The Food Network that seems like the perfect complement to a summer barbecue. Happy August! - Caroline

  • Best Raffia and Woven Accessories for Summer

    Is there anything that screams summer more than woven fabrics and raffia?! As temperatures rise, this curation of the best raffia and wicker accessories for summer are your perfect companions this season. These light, airy, and comfortable options will not only keep you cooler, but also exude a laid-back, effortless charm that is sure to complete your everyday look or vacation attire. Raffia and Woven Shoes: Step into Summer Looking to step up your style game this sunny season? This selection of woven and raffia shoes strikes a balance between playful and chic. Picture yourself strolling along the beach, exploring European side streets, or wherever your adventures take you this summer. The natural vibe adds an extra dose of summer flair to any outfit. Summer's here, and it's time to put your best foot forward - quite literally! Raffia and Woven Bags: Carry the Summer Vibes Get ready to tote-ally elevate your summer style with raffia bags and totes, the ultimate playful yet sophisticated accessory for the season! These chic carry-alls combine effortless charm with a touch of refinement. Picture yourself strolling through sun-kissed streets, a raffia tote swinging gracefully by your side, turning heads with its natural, artisanal allure. These crossbodies are perfect for storing your cardholder, lipgloss, and any other small goodies necessary for your daily ventures. These totes add an instant vacation vibe to your look, but they also boast ample space to carry all your beach essentials. From sunscreens to shades and that summer read you can't put down, a raffia tote keeps you organized in style. So, whether you're enjoying a city escape or hitting the sandy shores, these bags and totes are a must-have companion. Raffia and Woven Hats: The Cherry on Top Get ready to level up your summer style with these woven and raffia hats – the ultimate accessory for those sunny days! These hats are the epitome of cool elegance. Not only do these hats add a touch of boho chic to your look, but they also shield you from relentless rays, making them the ultimate summer saviors. Whether you're lounging poolside or exploring exotic destinations, a raffia hat is your ticket to instant sophistication. Happy shopping! - Caroline

  • Beach Tote Round-up with Shopbop

    Welcome back sun-worshippers! As we approach peak summer (and ruthless temperatures!) it's time to talk essentials. When it comes to summer accessories, a reliable and stylish tote is an absolute game-changer. It's not just a bag; it's a trusty sidekick that carries your beach towel, sunscreen (please don't forget this!), a juicy novel, and refreshing beverages to quench your thirst. And don't worry, I've got your back (or rather, shoulder) covered with this curated collection of the perfect totes to carry all your bits and bobs -- whether you're planning a tropical escape or meandering to the pool. Neutral Beach Totes Straw Totes (with some Spice) Striped Beach Totes You can never go wrong with blue and white at the beach! Let me know in the comments where you're heading this summer and/or which tote is your favorite! Happy beaching!

  • Dining Solo: Where to eat sushi by yourself in Los Angeles

    Sushi is a staple in my dining rotation, so I am sharing my favorite places to go out for sushi in Los Angeles, whether you're dining solo or with a small group Where to get sushi by yourself in Los Angeles? Kazu Nori Fiish Sushi Yunomi Sugarfish Blue Ribbon Kazu Nori, owned by the same group as Sugarfish, has been a staple of mine for years. They have great quality ingredients, it is a small setting (a continuous U-shaped bar), and while this contrasts the manner in which I usually prefer to enjoy dining out - it is a relatively quick meal. That is, once seated - as they don't take reservations. Fiish Sushi is a new one on my list! Located in Culver city at Platform LA, Fiish is amazing. They had a great ambiance with fun music and a thoughtful interior design. I would recommend their Little Fish platter for one or Big Fish platter (for 2). Yunomi is a fun and relatively small restaurant located in LA's Arts District. I would highly recommend choosing from one of their preset roll menus and adding the Tuna Crispy Rice (always a must try for me). With a similar seating arrangement to Kazu Nori, the restaurant is primarily made up of bar seating and fun interior design elements. Sugarfish is an LA staple, and while I would love to say it's overhyped, it isn't. There are multiple locations, so there is sure to be one near you whether you live in LA or are visiting. I recommend the Trust Me! Blue Ribbon has become a favorite as of this past summer 2022. Their Palisades Village location is wonderful and located centrally among shops, ice cream, and more. Their tuna crispy rice and cauliflower tempura with sweet miso sauce are musts. Let me know in the comments which you would pick, or any recommendations you have for me that I may have left out. Cheers!

  • Top 6 Must-Hit Lunch Spots in Montecito

    Where to get a quick bite or yummy lunch in Montecito? After a few years now of heading up to Montecito to escape Los Angeles on the weekends (as it seems the whole city does), I have the weekend lunch rounds dialed in. If you're staying in Montecito, here is a list of the top 6 places for a casual lunch within walking distance. Tre Lune Panino Jeannine's Montesano Market and Del The Honor Bar Bree'osh Tre Lune For lunch at Tre Lune, I love the Ellen Salad, ANTIPASTO DELLA CASA (cheese, meat and vegetable platter), and the MELANZANE ALLA PARMIGIANA. Panino Panino is one of my favorite spots for an awesome sandwich in Montecito. It is located in the Montecito Country Mart and is surrounded by darling storefronts - perfect for browsing before or after lunch. I think I've tried every tuna fish sandwich in Montecito and this one currently ranks #1. Panino has the best bread (I order my sandwiches on the sourdough wheat), a wonderful honey mustard (that I ask for extra of) and has a thoughtful, yet extensive menu. It's so good that I always fail to get a picture - so you'll just have to try it for yourself. Jeannine's - Montecito Like I said, I am a connoisseur of tuna salad sandwiches (would recommend) but beyond that, Jeannine's has a wonderful menu. I also enjoy their Club sandwich and Chinese Chicken Salad, They are only open until 2 in Montecito, so plan your day accordingly. Montesano Market and Deli The Montesano Market and Deli (same owners as Tre Lune and other local favorites) is wonderful whether you're looking for a quick bite, inspiration for dinner at home, or some provisions and a card. I would recommend adding one of their made-daily sides to your lunch order. The Honor Bar The Honor Bar is a central location for lunch in town, situated amongst shops and galleries to explore before or after lunch. They have ideal outdoor/indoor seating that is conducive to sharing small plates, sandwiches, salads or a drink! Bree'osh Bree'osh is perfect for a quick breakfast or lunch in Montecito. While the inside is small, they have darling tables set up outside that serve as a great place to enjoy your espresso, breakfast sandwich, avocado tartine, and more. Let me know which spot you would check out (or have been to) in the comments!

  • Habits: Starting to Journal

    I love writing, but it hasn't always been this way. I fell in love with writing in high school after years of struggling with it - I could never seem to translate my thoughts to paper. But with practice and repetition, I improved over time. So naturally, journaling always seemed great in theory - to log memories, think through processes, manifest goals, etc. But in reality, I had a hard time staying consistent and had a half-hearted desire for the ritual. I say "half-hearted" not because my intentions weren't genuine, but because I never gave myself the structure or framework to succeed. I didn't have a vision/goal for how long an entry should be, what it should be about (prompt-driven vs free flowing, and if prompted - the same or different every day?), how often I would write when I would write -- the list goes on. As of late, I have been inspired to be more habit or ritual-centric, and a part of this process I have decided is going to be starting a journal - most likely a gratitude journal to start, less so about the details of day-to-day. So naturally, I dove into research to find a simple yet productive means of starting. Here are some of the journals that I thought would be the most helpful for myself and hopefully you! Let me know in the comments if you enjoy journaling or if there is a journal you like that isn't included below. The journal that I chose and why: The 6-Minute Diary While I had heard great things about the 5-minute journal, I liked the idea of the additional prompt that this one includes. I also was curious and intrigued by the introduction section consisting of a 70-page, research-backed breakdown so that I could learn more about the overall concept and studies supporting it. Here are others that seem equally worth trying depending on what you're looking for and what may work best for you: Do It for Yourself: Motivational Journal Pros Prompt-driven Lined Art/Colorful imagery Cons Not largely prompt oriented Other $15.29 Fairly open-ended Papier Wellness Journal: Pros Cute exterior options Goal-oriented Heath focus (nutrition, sleep, activity) Cons Not largely prompt-oriented Not all lined Other $35.00 Lots of questions to answer/areas to fill Not a quick task Gratitude Journal for Women: A Daily 5-Minute Guide Pros Simple Gratitude-oriented Efficient (2-ish minutes/day) Weekly Question Cons Primarily gratitude Minimal space Other $11.56 Female-focused

  • Solo Dining: Cento Pasta Bar, Los Angeles

    Why not take yourself out for a nice dinner?! It's a good way to treat yourself, think, and mix it up in a new or familiar city. When looking for places to dine alone, especially for dinner, I prioritize finding somewhere I think will have a great ambiance. This ultimately translates to more to look at and engage with. Where to dine solo in Los Angeles? Last week, I tried Cento Pasta Bar located in Central LA. Non-descript from the exterior, you enter past a large hedge and are greeted with a charming outdoor seating area. There are lights draped all about, whispy trees, and seating areas with pops of red. After approaching the host, and specifying that yes, it would in fact just be one that evening, I waited patiently for my bar seat to be prepared. After being escorted inside, I was pleasantly entertained by the open kitchen platform and the view of pasta and appetizers being skillfully made mere feet in front of me. I enjoyed watching the friendly banter as the chefs cracked jokes and worked seamlessly together. Despite my prior research, I asked my waiter for a walk-through of the menu and his recommendations, to ensure I wouldn't miss out on a hidden gem. He aided in my selection of a glass of wine and highlighted a few menu items that I already had my eyes on. I started with the grilled octopus (a must for me whenever it is on the menu). If you like octopus, and even if you don't, I would highly recommend it. There was no fishy undertaste (a concern for many - including myself), it was charred to perfection - giving the exterior a wonderful crunch, and the fresh sides of romanesco, celery, and potatoes wonderfully balanced the starter. Next up was the Spicy Pomodoro made with rigatoni and Calabrian chili, topped with a dollop of ricotta housing a small pool of basil-truffle oil. This course was amazing - I still dream of it. You can truly taste the care that is put into each dish, as the flavors and textures melt in your mouth. I also didn't find it very spicy, if that is a lurking concern. The portion size was generous, so I happily took half to-go at the end of the evening. Overall, I would highly recommend Cento Pasta Bar for a group or solo dining experience. Cheers!

  • February 2022 Recap

    Well, February has come and gone. It was a busy month between trips back to Seattle and adventures up to Santa Barbara, but I am looking forward to what March has in store. Here is a collection of what made February stand out this year. Get Cozy with a Good Book: I have to start with my favorite read of the month, It Ends With Us. Just wow! I was hooked from the beginning and finished it in less than 48 hours. It is a captivating read about a young woman and her adventures as an adult that merge with aspects of her childhood she never thought she would encounter again. A must! Let me know in the comments or on socials if you have read it and what your thoughts are. Entertainment I went to the Chase Rice and Kane Brown concert in Seattle earlier this month at the new Climate Pledge Area and it was fantastic. Not only were all performances amazing but the arena overall was beautiful and a wonderful addition to Seattle sports and entertainment. Products - A Tote: Perfect for putting your purse in, valuables/computer, and other nicknacks in while traveling. - Accessories I hope you had a wonderful February. Happy March!

  • Shopping in Montecito

    Living in Los Angeles, it was so refreshing to get out of the city to Montecito for the long weekend. It is an especially charming place with smiling faces all around, restaurants with darling expanded outdoor seating (an addition to the streets since Covid), and beautiful little shops with specials finds. I found a number of pieces while there last August for my birthday, so I was looking forward to seeing what was in store this season. Depending on what is currently on your wishlist, here is a break down of shops to hit in Montecito. Montecito Country Mart - Hudson Grace - Clic - Poppy Marché - James Perse San Ysidro Village - Jenni Kayne Collection - William Laman Furniture Garden Antiques - Country House Antiques Coast Village Road - Whiskey & Leather - Allora by Laura - J McLaughlin - The Nurture Cottage - Maison K - Marcus Pierre LaFond - Pierre LaFond Market and Deli - Upstairs at Pierre LaFond - Wendy Foster - Angel (on Coast Village Road) Happy Shopping! xoxo

  • Packing for a Santa Barbara Weekend Getaway

    I am SO excited to be heading up to Santa Barbara for Presidents’ Weekend! While the temperatures have been upwards of 90* and low of mid-40’s in Los Angeles, Montecito is a wonderful 70*. With mild days and cooler evenings, my luggage consists of an array of cashmere sweaters, scarves, sandals/sneakers, and more. Here's the gist: - Basic cashmere sweaters (camel, black pictured above) are the perfect addition to your weekend getaway packing list because they are an outfit in itself but also serve as a great layering piece and are easy to throw over your shoulders if it cools down. - I love both of these tops (Pink Misa Los Angeles, Blue Calisto Shirt by Veronica Beard) and appreciate how they are transitional from day to night. - Scarves are another great way to transition and/or create a "new" outfit. Paired with a sweater or over a blouse, they are a staple item for any time of day or season. *click images for product links! - In love with this new Rose Petal Oran sandal! The other two are great basics and very versatile. *click images for product links! - And as always, a couple of pairs of sneakers for shopping around town and going for walks to explore the beautiful residences, make coffee runs, etc. *click images for product links! Happy Presidents' Weekend! xoxo

  • Bring Back Letter Writing - Valentine's Day 2022

    I’ve always been a fan of writing letters. Whether that be thank you notes, letters to friends and family, etc. So I'm starting a series called: Bring Back Letter Writing where I will curate an inspiring selection of stationary goods to prompt your next letter. First up, Valentine’s Day! Say you “I love you!” in a letter. - Perfect Match - Happy Heart Day to My Bestie - Happy Heart Day Card - Red Heart Cards with Blossom Envelopes - Laetitia Rouget Sweet Nothings Boxed Card Set xoxo

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