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Packing for a Santa Barbara Weekend Getaway

I am SO excited to be heading up to Santa Barbara for Presidents’ Weekend! While the temperatures have been upwards of 90* and low of mid-40’s in Los Angeles, Montecito is a wonderful 70*.

With mild days and cooler evenings, my luggage consists of an array of cashmere sweaters, scarves, sandals/sneakers, and more.

Here's the gist:

- Basic cashmere sweaters (camel, black pictured above) are the perfect addition to your weekend getaway packing list because they are an outfit in itself but also serve as a great layering piece and are easy to throw over your shoulders if it cools down.

- I love both of these tops (Pink Misa Los Angeles, Blue Calisto Shirt by Veronica Beard) and appreciate how they are transitional from day to night.

- Scarves are another great way to transition and/or create a "new" outfit. Paired with a sweater or over a blouse, they are a staple item for any time of day or season. *click images for product links!

- In love with this new Rose Petal Oran sandal! The other two are great basics and very versatile. *click images for product links!

- And as always, a couple of pairs of sneakers for shopping around town and going for walks to explore the beautiful residences, make coffee runs, etc. *click images for product links!

Happy Presidents' Weekend!



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