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Dining Solo: Where to eat sushi by yourself in Los Angeles

Sushi is a staple in my dining rotation, so I am sharing my favorite places to go out for sushi in Los Angeles, whether you're dining solo or with a small group

Where to get sushi by yourself in Los Angeles?

  1. Kazu Nori

  2. Fiish Sushi

  3. Yunomi

  4. Sugarfish

  5. Blue Ribbon

Sushi from Fiish

  • Kazu Nori, owned by the same group as Sugarfish, has been a staple of mine for years. They have great quality ingredients, it is a small setting (a continuous U-shaped bar), and while this contrasts the manner in which I usually prefer to enjoy dining out - it is a relatively quick meal. That is, once seated - as they don't take reservations.

  • Fiish Sushi is a new one on my list! Located in Culver city at Platform LA, Fiish is amazing. They had a great ambiance with fun music and a thoughtful interior design. I would recommend their Little Fish platter for one or Big Fish platter (for 2).

  • Yunomi is a fun and relatively small restaurant located in LA's Arts District. I would highly recommend choosing from one of their preset roll menus and adding the Tuna Crispy Rice (always a must try for me). With a similar seating arrangement to Kazu Nori, the restaurant is primarily made up of bar seating and fun interior design elements.

  • Sugarfish is an LA staple, and while I would love to say it's overhyped, it isn't. There are multiple locations, so there is sure to be one near you whether you live in LA or are visiting. I recommend the Trust Me!

  • Blue Ribbon has become a favorite as of this past summer 2022. Their Palisades Village location is wonderful and located centrally among shops, ice cream, and more. Their tuna crispy rice and cauliflower tempura with sweet miso sauce are musts.

Tempura Cauliflower from Blue Ribbon

Let me know in the comments which you would pick, or any recommendations you have for me that I may have left out.



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