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Top 6 Must-Hit Lunch Spots in Montecito

Where to get a quick bite or yummy lunch in Montecito?

After a few years now of heading up to Montecito to escape Los Angeles on the weekends (as it seems the whole city does), I have the weekend lunch rounds dialed in.

If you're staying in Montecito, here is a list of the top 6 places for a casual lunch within walking distance.

For lunch at Tre Lune, I love the Ellen Salad, ANTIPASTO DELLA CASA (cheese, meat and vegetable platter), and the MELANZANE ALLA PARMIGIANA.

Panino is one of my favorite spots for an awesome sandwich in Montecito. It is located in the Montecito Country Mart and is surrounded by darling storefronts - perfect for browsing before or after lunch. I think I've tried every tuna fish sandwich in Montecito and this one currently ranks #1. Panino has the best bread (I order my sandwiches on the sourdough wheat), a wonderful honey mustard (that I ask for extra of) and has a thoughtful, yet extensive menu. It's so good that I always fail to get a picture - so you'll just have to try it for yourself.

Like I said, I am a connoisseur of tuna salad sandwiches (would recommend) but beyond that, Jeannine's has a wonderful menu. I also enjoy their Club sandwich and Chinese Chicken Salad, They are only open until 2 in Montecito, so plan your day accordingly.

The Montesano Market and Deli (same owners as Tre Lune and other local favorites) is wonderful whether you're looking for a quick bite, inspiration for dinner at home, or some provisions and a card. I would recommend adding one of their made-daily sides to your lunch order.

The Honor Bar is a central location for lunch in town, situated amongst shops and galleries to explore before or after lunch. They have ideal outdoor/indoor seating that is conducive to sharing small plates, sandwiches, salads or a drink!

Bree'osh is perfect for a quick breakfast or lunch in Montecito. While the inside is small, they have darling tables set up outside that serve as a great place to enjoy your espresso, breakfast sandwich, avocado tartine, and more.

Let me know which spot you would check out (or have been to) in the comments!


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