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  • Valentine's Day 2022 Gifting

    For the Home: There's still time to decorate in hues of Valentine’s Day to celebrate the upcoming holiday. But who are we kidding?! Pink and red are always in season! Valentine’s Felt Pom Garland Four in a Row Heart Game The Perfect Match 2 Piece Candy Bento Box Laetitia Rouget Dessert Plate **Might be may favorite item from the whole roundup! Gifting for your Bestie: It’s always fun to shower those we love through gift giving. Find inspiration from the following items for what to get your Galentines this year. Pictured Above: Plush Faux Fur Slippers Laetitia Rouget Sweet Nothings Boxed Card Set Choc About It Valentine’s Hot Cocoa Bombs EMU Australia Naledi Slippers Lips, Lips, Lips Notebook Other Ideas: Chequered Hearts Notebook Personalized Scalloped Trim Stationary Lips, Lips, Lips Notebook Sweet Wrapping Paper Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

  • Best of the Month: January 2022

    Can you believe we're done with the first month of 2022?! Here are a few of my favorite things from the past month regarding travel, products, and my January book pick! Travel The year started in Courchevel 1850, where my family and I spent a few weeks over the holidays enjoying the beautiful scenery, delicious food, and fabulous shopping! There is a full recap post to come. :) Products -- I am a big fan of writing letters and with this, thank you notes. In light of the wonderful things you may have received for the holidays, be sure to show your appreciation with a note. Here are some darling card sets to get started. - Everyone needs a new planner to kick the year off right! Here are a couple that caught my eye from Papier that are sure to get you crossing things off. First, the Scallop Spine Pocket Planner, and second, the Floral Fans Planner. Book Pick While I normally reach for a thriller or total chick-lit romance from my bookshelf, my January book pick is a little different. This January, I read The Dichotomy of Leadership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. Both gentlemen are Navy Seals with years of experience leading in various capacities. They have written an easily digestible read, where each chapter is broken down into several parts: War Story, Principle, and Business Application. I found each aspect fascinating and would highly recommend it.

  • And... Resume!

    And... Resume! Wow, a lot has changed since I last posted. I am excited to be back and with a clear vision for how to continue to bring you fresh and inspiring content to elevate your day-to-day, adventures in the kitchen, and get some stamps in your passport. With this, I am also re-launching my Instagram. On that platform, you can find more frequent content about each of the previous topics, in a behind-the-scenes manner. Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year! Thank you for being here to "hit resume". Cheers! Caroline

  • Easing Into Summer 2020

    Cheers to the end of the 2019-2020 school year - whether you are in the thick of your academic career, graduating (I am thinking of you :) ), or homeschooling all I can say is... we took all the curve balls like a champ and I've never been more ready for summer. I am not quite sure what this summer will have in store (as our European travels have been put on the back burner) but dare I say I'm excited for this uncertain period. While the virus is a scary thing that continues to give us a reality check, I have enjoyed more of the day to day living that some of the uncertainty brings. With summer upon us, I am excited to once again lay out in the sun with a good book, start a new tv series and spend time outside (social distancing, of course). Here are a few of the things currently on my To-do list for the beginning of Summer 2020. Books: Where the Crawdads Sing- This book has been on my reading list for ages and has been recommended to me by many. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I actually started this book and was half way done when school kicked back into gear after spring break and the grind was on. It is fantastic from what I have read so far, and I cannot wait to finish it! This is Not a Fashion Story- I just pre-ordered Danielle Bernstien from We Wore What's first book and I cannot wait to read about her journey through life and professional career as an entrepreneur, influencer, designer, etc. I have looked up to her for years and can't wait to get to know her even more through her book. All the Light We Cannot See - After my year in Paris (I can't believe it was a year ago, it feels like yesterday) I continue to be inspired by the culture, fashion, lifestyle that makes up the City of Light and have loved reading books set in Paris/France to transport me back to my favorite place that I was so lucky to call home. TV Shows: Outerbanks - If you haven't seen the Netflix Original Outerbanks have you really been quarantining? I finished this show in < 48 hours they first time, told everyone under the sun about it, and then watched it again with my family in <24 hours. While this show starts off a little teeny, the plot quickly develops and proves to be the perfect binge (and that's coming from someone who isn't necessarily a "binger"). Little Fires Everywhere - This Reese Witherspoon produced series is the perfect show to get cozy with and chat about with your girlfriends. Centered around a twisting plot made up of mystery, law, and a little romance this is a great quarantine find (all episodes can be streamed from Hulu). Ozarks - I have heard fantastic things about this series and just started the first episode and am on the edge of my seat. I look forward to switching between watching this and reading Where the Crawdads Sing to balance out the start of summer. Activities: As I am sure many of you can relate (whether you are a student, parent, sibling, etc. etc. etc.) with the school year complete, and summer upon us, there is a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders. I'm not sure if this is because of the warm breeze that generously flips the page of the fantastic novel you are reading by the pool, or if it is because you actually chose to read that novel but there is just something in the air. Especially given the current state of the global community, it feels like we all just need a little more R & R in our lives. Without further ado... A Walk/Hike - Leaving the house, even if only to go around the block a few times, has never felt so good. Whether you are accompanied by the quarantine playlist you have been perfecting for months or just your thoughts, this is the perfect way to re-join the world and be re-inspired by you environment. Coloring Books - I purchased a beautiful coloring book about a year ago to-date in Paris, at a little shop on my way home from a daily adventure, and have yet to dive in with some creamy Faber-Castle colored pencils but I think this is just what the doctor ordered. I am not the most artistically gifted individual, but I love coloring, being creative and am hoping that this will fill the void of any travels that have been postponed. I would love to hear of any activities that you have picked up in quarantine or cannot wait to do this summer, in the comments. Wishing you a wonderful new season filled with many adventures and much inspiration? Cheers! #Summer #Sun #ToDo #2020 #Quarantine #Travel #Hobbies #Books #GoodBooks #Reading #TV #TVShows #Shows #Coloring #Hiking #ThisIsNotAFashionStory

  • My Current Bathroom Essentials

    Happy Monday! I hope that everyone is well and doing their best to stay healthy! I am thinking of you all. I wanted to provide a little escape from the news by sharing some of the essentials that I have had in my bathroom for years that keep my entire space feeling fresh and like a little spa. I thought that this was the perfect time to share this as I have recently come back to Seattle (after being at school in Los Angeles) and am reminded of some of my favorite aspects of the space. These also double as the perfect gift for Mother's Day next week or as a little addition to what you may already have planned. First off... my Lollia Perfumed Diffuser. If I could only have one "non-essential" product for my bathroom this would be it. I have had the No. 28 scent (Summer of 1982) for years and love the way that it not only makes my bathroom smell but how it drifts into my room as well. It is quite powerful in the sense that it lasts a long time and spreads thoroughly throughout a space but it is not strong and overbearing. Lollia No. 28 Summer of 1982 Candle - This candle is the perfect addition to your bathroom, to transport you to a spa whether you are taking a nice warm bath or getting ready for a fun night out. The highlighted fragrant notes are magnolia, clean coral, and sweet jasmine all combining to make a wonderful clean yet warm smell to truly elevate your space. Antica Farmacista Orange Blossom, Lilac & Jasmine Hand Soap: There seems to be a theme as far as the scents that I appreciate for my bathroom and to be honest, beauty products in general. I am quite keen on smells and want to be sure that a product I purchase is timeless (even if it only lasts for a couple of months or so) and brings clarity to the room. When it comes to hand soaps I truly value and seek out products that do just that. A bathroom essential that can easily be overlooked is truly telling of the space you create as it is quite possibly the most essential (especially in today's day and age). With notes of Mandarin, Sicilian Lemon, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Lily Of The Valley, White Lilac, Orange Blossom this is the perfect product to unite the aromas of your space. Antica Farmacista Baby Room Fragrance: This bathroom essential is to die for and is the perfect balanced contrast to the other scents. With notes of Lemon, Orange, Bergamot, Sweet Anise, Peach, and Rose it is also sold as a perfume - that's how yummy it is! simplehuman 8" Sensor Mirror Trio, White: This is a somewhat new (within the last 6 months or so) addition to my bathroom/vanity and I am loving it. The amount of technology within this mirror is incredible and I truly use each feature multiple times a day. Some of the features include multiple light systems to ensure that you are applying your makeup or perfecting your skincare routine in the ideal setting. Next is the on/off sensor that is motion activated and ensures you are efficient in your efforts to get ready for any adventure the day may hold. And if that wasn't enough, this triple magnification mirror is also cordless and rechargeable so that it doesn't clutter your space. Stacy Claire Boyd x Two's Company Jewelry Tray (similar linked): Last but not least, a darling jewelry tray is essential for all of your special pieces, to ensure you remember to take them off before hopping in the shower and place them in a safe place. I love this tray because it is the perfect pop of color in my neutral scheme and is something I use on the daily. Happy pampering! #Bathroom #Spa #Essentials #Soap #Mirror #Candle #Diffuser #Scent #Fragrance #RoomSpray #Jewelry #MothersDay

  • 2020 Ski (and Après) Essentials

    Wow - It's been a minute! I hope that you all have been having a fantastic winter and are looking forward to what 2020 has in store. I still cannot believe how fast it is going by so far! Let me know some of your highlights from the winter season in the comments. :) I spent my winter break and Presidents' weekend in Sun Valley, Idaho and was so inspired by the magical snowy scenery and lifestyle. So... to kick off 2020 I have come up with a range of essentials to take you from the mountain to après on your next mountain getaway. On the Mountain: Jackets- 1. Bogner Giana Down Jacket in Grey Camo 2. Bogner Rachel Jacket in Navy and White Bogner is a timeless brand that stands the test of time with their fun, classic styles and their dynamic pieces. Whether you are planning on spending your whole day on the mountain or need a warm layer for a night out, you will not be disappointed by these investment pieces. 3. Broye Moncler Ski Jacket 4. Women's Macuna Insulation Jacket Perfect as a Spring skiing jacket (or layer in cooler conditions), this Kjus puffer will keep you well insulated while wicking moister, as temperatures on the mountain begin to rise in the coming weeks. Pant's- 1. Bogner Geri Pant Black Another phenomenal Bogner piece! I have had these pants for several seasons now and have tested them on mountains across the US and the French Alps, in diverse conditions. They never fail to keep me warm and are extremely functional. This Geri pant in particular is also extremely flattering - at times, a struggle to find when in search for the perfect pair of ski pants. 2. Sella Jet Pants Black 3. North Face Women's Freedom Pant Ski Suits - 1. Red Moncler Ski Suit 2. Black Moncler Ski Suit A recurring trend this season is the iconic ski suit. Because this is already a statement piece in itself, I prefer to invest in a suit that is timeless and also easy to pair with a variety of jackets. This leads me to recommend these perfect apple red and classic black options. Although there are many fun and less costly options on the market, if you're in search of a piece that will prove versatile in your wardrobe, these are beautiful! Après Life: Sweaters 1. Brodie Camo Slim 2. Brodie Northern Star Sweater Boots 1. Bogner Black St. Anton Lace-up Ankle Boot (sale): 2. Black Moon Boot 3. Black Joan of Arctic Sorel Boot I have owned the Bogner and Sorel boots for years and love them both! The Bogner boot is versatile for taking your from après to a nice dinner while the Sorel are a great all-day boot (mountain adventures included). Hats 1. Bogner Rania Knitted Hat with Pom Pom (sale) 2. Pink and Camel Bogner Beanie (sale) 3. Navy Moncler Beanie Happy shopping and skiing! xoxo #ski #mountains #skitrip #skitown #adventures #essentails #après #fashion #travel #sunuvalley #idaho

  • 2019 New Year's Resolutions

    Bonjour mes amis and Happy New Year! A large portion of everyone's focus at the start of the year is "figuring out" a New Year's resolution and maintaining it. Although there are many things that I can work on this year, I was stumped at the end of 2018 when trying to determine what I wanted my New Year's resolution(s) to be. As friends asked me what my goals were for the year, I drew a blank. I wanted to choose something that was practical, that would help me grow as a person, but that I could actually accomplish and adopt into my lifestyle. I had heard of others' resolutions that were manageable and truly initiated growth, which inspired me to ensure that this was present in mine as well. My idea for 2019 is to have a new resolution or goal each month that I learn and grow from. I want this to be a trial of sorts for 12 things that I could/want to adopt it into my lifestyle. I think it is important to try each goal for one month because this will give me, and you, the perspective and insights to decide how I can (if needed) modify the goal to continue to be realistic in the long run. I am excited about this challenge because it will give me the chance to tackle 12 different goals throughout the year and provide a true timeline for each. I hope that this idea inspires you to evaluate your New Year's resolutions, make new ones, and/or set goals for yourself that inspire growth mentally, spiritually, socially, etc. Cheers to a fantastic 2019 filled with much success! #Resolutions #Lifestyle #Goals #NewYear #2019Resolutions #Challenge #12Months

  • The Start of a Great Fall Break in Prague

    Happy Holidays! It is hard to believe that my second quarter abroad is almost complete. In a means of celebrating a successful first quarter, a few of my friends and I spent our fall break in Prague and Vienna earlier this semester. I loved exploring both places and cannot wait to share all of our discoveries. After our first day of exploring Prague, we knew that two and a half days would be plenty of time to explore, see the top sites on our list and get a taste of the culture. Arriving around noon, after smooth travels out of Charles de Gaulle airport, we decided to get to walking (my favorite way to explore a new city) and try out a restaurant that I found while doing some pre-travel research. We went to Bistro Monk with the anticipation of ordering yummy avocado on toast with fresh cherry tomatoes, feta, and a poached egg, but in the end, after being informed of their daily special, we decided that that was the way to go! We were then presented with a divine Fall Pumpkin Risotto (this also turned out to be the perfect way to pay tribute to Halloween -- which is not largely celebrated in Prague). After a fantastic lunch, we walked towards the Castle of Prague and St. Vitus Cathedral. Adventuring through the quaint streets and stopping every so often to pop into the little shops. We purchased the "A" ticket inside the Castle (where they accept Euros!) that allowed us to attend several of the attractions including the Old Royal Palace, The Story of Prague Exhibition, the Basilica of St. George, the Golden Lane, Powder Tower, and the Rosenberg Palace. The views from the Cathedral were spectacular! It was also amazing to admire and learn about all of the detail and intentionality that went into creating the cathedral itself. Walking back towards Old Town, we decided to treat ourselves to a traditional Czech dessert -- the Trdelnik. The dough resembles something between a lighter (and unsalted) pretzel and a doughnut, that is torched and rolled in cinnamon sugar. There are extensive lists of the different variations ranging from trdelnik filled with whipped cream and strawberries to pistachio-crusted trdelnik filled with pistachio gelato but I decided to indulge in the trdelnik rolled in finely chopped nuts with a drizzling of Nutella. Later that evening, we explored the Prague nightlife and had a delicious dinner at a darling restaurant called Pasta Fresca!. To start with something fresh, we shared a platter of Italian prosciutto and juicy cantaloupe. For our main course, again with similar palates, three of us ordered the Tortellini stuffed with homemade ricotta and parmesan with fresh sage; it was fantastic! I look forward to sharing more from my study abroad experience in a means of informing and inspiring your holidays and 2019! Cheers! #fallbreak #vienna #travel #food #restaurants #Paris #Prague #CzechRepublic #PastaFresca #BistroMonk #lunch #dinner #studyabroad

  • Bonjour Paris!

    Happy Summer! With summer travels in full swing and the itinerary planned, I thought that I would give you a glimpse into my summer. So far, I have spent the first month and a half in Sun Valley, ID (more content coming when I return :)) which I have been so grateful for. Although, right now I am in Paris, France -- the first leg of our five-week European trip. For the next couple of weeks in Paris, I will be taking you along on all of our adventures. Whether it be the restaurants and shops that we frequent or the outfits I am sporting, it will be a fun ride for us both. The first day overseas is always a challenge. Whether it's coordinating the plane, trains, ubers,etc., adjusting to the time-zone, or getting acquainted with your new setting, this can be a feat in itself but more importantly, bring many fun opportunities to explore. Arriving in Paris around 2 in the afternoon last week, we were determined to power through the exhaustion of traveling and the 8 hour time change. After settling into our apartment, we stayed busy by walking around the 7th and 8th arrondissements searching for our favorite fruit stands, bakeries, fromageries, wine shops, and many more, determined to pound the pavement until bed. In a means of fill our darling kitchen with some essentials, we visited many shops and thoroughly explored our little slice of Paris. Later that evening we made our way down the street to a small Italian restaurant called Chez Pippo. Snagging the perfect spot for people watching and admiring the French culture, we enjoyed fresh bread, pizzas, gnocchi, and a yummy Caprese salad. It was the perfect first day in Paris and I can't wait to share more -- stay tuned! Cheers! #Travel #Paris #Food #Trip #Vacation #France #FirstDay #Summer #Italian #Pizza

  • Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Stocking Stuffers!

    Its almost time! My family and I always look forward to Christmas day and our many traditions. In the morning we always wait for everyone to wake-up and then all venture to the brightly lit tree to gather and open up our stockings. Below, I have gathered some inspiration for you to fill all of your loved one's stockings to the rim with. Enjoy! Fresh and Bert's Bees Lip Treatments/Balms: Mui Mui Perfume Roller: Bobino Cord Organizer: Kikkerland Charging/Power Bank: Sugarfina Sweets: Sugar Paper Stationary: Cuyana Card Holder: Happy shopping!

  • Holiday Gift Guide 2017 For Him!

    This gift guide is also suitable for all ages. These essentials are both classic and hot on the market. Gifting something that someone can use on a daily basis is so satisfying; it's showing them that you are observant, know them well, and are practical. These pieces below are staples for the guy(s) in your life and each is the perfect gift on its own or can be easily paired/combined. AllBird Wool Runners: Ray Bans: Barbour: Filson Medium Duffel: Patagonia Hat: Kuhl Jacket: Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II (Noise Cancelling): Happy shopping!

  • Holiday Gift Guide 2017 For Her!

    Possibly my favorite gifting guide... "For Her!". This gift guide was created for all of the ladies in your life that deserve some fresh essentials. While crafting this guide I wanted to make it applicable to a wide range of individuals and have provided some of my favorite products that come with lots of alternatives/variations. Each "step" helping you find something that is unique to her. 1. While searching for the perfect shade of lip-gloss, when in doubt, stay basic. Keeping to lighter tones that will bring out the color of her eyes, cheeks, etc. Great examples of this are shown below. (Option 1, Option 2) 2. While choosing the perfect scent, less is more. Try to sticking to light, fresh, and cool options (see options below for reference!). These are some of my favorites form Jo Malone London (Option 1, Option 2, Option 3,) 3. While shopping for clothing, depending on the individual, think unique but not necessarily bold. Try purchasing something that will complement other existing pieces in their wardrobe (and don’t be afraid to drop this hint when they are finally presented with their perfect present). This will show them that you are observant and stylish. ;) Clothing: (Option 1, Option 2, Option 3) Sunnies: (Option 1, Option 2, Option 3) 4. Here is another ideas that is versatile yet basic and is sure to make her smile this holiday season. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones (Noise Cancelling) Happy shopping!

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