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My Current Bathroom Essentials

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone is well and doing their best to stay healthy! I am thinking of you all.

I wanted to provide a little escape from the news by sharing some of the essentials that I have had in my bathroom for years that keep my entire space feeling fresh and like a little spa. I thought that this was the perfect time to share this as I have recently come back to Seattle (after being at school in Los Angeles) and am reminded of some of my favorite aspects of the space.

These also double as the perfect gift for Mother's Day next week or as a little addition to what you may already have planned.

First off... my Lollia Perfumed Diffuser. If I could only have one "non-essential" product for my bathroom this would be it. I have had the No. 28 scent (Summer of 1982) for years and love the way that it not only makes my bathroom smell but how it drifts into my room as well. It is quite powerful in the sense that it lasts a long time and spreads thoroughly throughout a space but it is not strong and overbearing.

Lollia No. 28 Summer of 1982 Candle - This candle is the perfect addition to your bathroom, to transport you to a spa whether you are taking a nice warm bath or getting ready for a fun night out. The highlighted fragrant notes are magnolia, clean coral, and sweet jasmine all combining to make a wonderful clean yet warm smell to truly elevate your space.

Antica Farmacista Orange Blossom, Lilac & Jasmine Hand Soap: There seems to be a theme as far as the scents that I appreciate for my bathroom and to be honest, beauty products in general. I am quite keen on smells and want to be sure that a product I purchase is timeless (even if it only lasts for a couple of months or so) and brings clarity to the room. When it comes to hand soaps I truly value and seek out products that do just that. A bathroom essential that can easily be overlooked is truly telling of the space you create as it is quite possibly the most essential (especially in today's day and age). With notes of Mandarin, Sicilian Lemon, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Lily Of The Valley, White Lilac, Orange Blossom this is the perfect product to unite the aromas of your space.

Antica Farmacista Baby Room Fragrance: This bathroom essential is to die for and is the perfect balanced contrast to the other scents. With notes of Lemon, Orange, Bergamot, Sweet Anise, Peach, and Rose it is also sold as a perfume - that's how yummy it is!

simplehuman 8" Sensor Mirror Trio, White: This is a somewhat new (within the last 6 months or so) addition to my bathroom/vanity and I am loving it. The amount of technology within this mirror is incredible and I truly use each feature multiple times a day. Some of the features include multiple light systems to ensure that you are applying your makeup or perfecting your skincare routine in the ideal setting. Next is the on/off sensor that is motion activated and ensures you are efficient in your efforts to get ready for any adventure the day may hold. And if that wasn't enough, this triple magnification mirror is also cordless and rechargeable so that it doesn't clutter your space.

Stacy Claire Boyd x Two's Company Jewelry Tray (similar linked): Last but not least, a darling jewelry tray is essential for all of your special pieces, to ensure you remember to take them off before hopping in the shower and place them in a safe place. I love this tray because it is the perfect pop of color in my neutral scheme and is something I use on the daily.

Happy pampering!

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