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Holiday Gift Guide 2017 For Her!

Possibly my favorite gifting guide... "For Her!".

This gift guide was created for all of the ladies in your life that deserve some fresh essentials. While crafting this guide I wanted to make it applicable to a wide range of individuals and have provided some of my favorite products that come with lots of alternatives/variations. Each "step" helping you find something that is unique to her.

1. While searching for the perfect shade of lip-gloss, when in doubt, stay basic. Keeping to lighter tones that will bring out the color of her eyes, cheeks, etc. Great examples of this are shown below. (Option 1, Option 2)

2. While choosing the perfect scent, less is more. Try to sticking to light, fresh, and cool options (see options below for reference!). These are some of my favorites form Jo Malone London (Option 1, Option 2, Option 3,)

3. While shopping for clothing, depending on the individual, think unique but not necessarily bold. Try purchasing something that will complement other existing pieces in their wardrobe (and don’t be afraid to drop this hint when they are finally presented with their perfect present). This will show them that you are observant and stylish. ;)

Clothing: (Option 1, Option 2, Option 3)

4. Here is another ideas that is versatile yet basic and is sure to make her smile this holiday season.

Happy shopping!

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