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  • 3 Important Holiday Gifting Tips

    I have been listening to Christmas music since early November and although this is WAY too early for some, I love it. I find that it helps calm me, excite me, and makes me grateful. Whether it be the incorporation of sweaters into my wardrobe once again, creamy soups becoming a weekly ritual or the sight of frost in the morning- winter is definitely upon us. With this comes a time of joy, but it can be stressful as well. I am sharing the perfect gifting tips for those closest to our hearts and the new friends we are sharing our traditions with for the first time. I agree with the statement that "it's the thought that counts" but we don't just want our gifting extravaganzas to end there. In a means of finding the perfect gift, here are three steps to help you along the way. 1. Think about what this person means to you and contributes to your life. For example, is there an annual tradition that you have with your sister that you could build upon? Or would it be meaningful to start a tradition this year? On the other hand... have you been talking with your new neighbor about wanting to be in the kitchen more? Invite them over for a special fall/winter afternoon. Start by relaxing in your living room chatting over a new cocktail recipe or appetizer. Next, move into the dining room where you have prepared a delicious looking spread that puts everyone immediately in the holiday spirit. It doesn't have to be grand but showing that you put time into this thoughtful act goes a long way. Lastly, end the night with a warm savory or sweet dessert. This will leave them yearning for the winter season and with a stronger friendship than you started. (One of my favorite food bloggers is Dennis the Prescott check out his page for endless inspiration.) 2. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. The holidays can be a time in which we stress over getting the PERFECT gift. Although, in most cases, the "perfect" gift will come naturally and won't need to be forced. Think simply and the rest will follow. 3. Enjoy! Whether it be the search for or the presentation of this special something, let it come from the heart and enjoy this time that you have with those that you love. Don't get distracted by the minor complications but instead focus on the joy that it will/has brought you both in the end. Best of luck in your gifting endeavors and happy holidays! #Christmas #Holiday #Gifting #Tips #Simple #Presents

  • Pumpkin Patch Adventures

    Happy Halloween! With Halloweekend upon us, I thought that I would share a fun activity for those of all ages-- the pumpkin patch. This year my family and I went to the pumpkin patch on the most spectacular day. It was sunny and although there was a slight breeze the warmth of the sun warmed our backs perfectly. The weather is one of my favorite things about fall. We are greeted by crisp temperatures every morning, perfect for sweaters and boots galore, and if we are lucky here in Seattle, the sun. In anticipation for my adventure next year of potentially moving away from Seattle for college, I am growing to appreciate some of the things that I know are unique to the Pacific Northwest. This has been one of the best falls that I can remember, and I don't want to jinx anything but I am hoping that it decides to accompany us for a little while longer. :) For our trip to the pumpkin patch this year (as tradition) we ventured over to Remlinger Farms. It is a beautiful piece of land that has everything from corn mazes, to several pumpkin patch areas (ready for the claiming!), and a market where you can find the biggest caramel apples, fresh pies, and other gifts from the land. I wore these Hunter boots, on our adventure, that were perfect! I love these boots because they are unique and don't resemble every other Hunter on the market but comfortable as well. I paired them with my J. Crew Field Jacket, a striped navy and cream long sleeve, my Frame jeans, and a George, Gina, and Lucy purse. I encourage you to take on this seasonal tradition and I hope that you have a fun and safe Halloween! #Fall #Seattle #Boots #Fashion #JCrew

  • Trask Suede Booties for Fall

    Happy Fall! I recently found this amazing brand called Trask based out of Nashville, Tennessee. They make a variety of goods using premium leathers that enhance the experience of the customer and leaves them wishing for more. I have four pairs of their shoes and will be doing blog posts on each in the future but wanted to feature this Allison bootie today. This color, Teak, is perfect for our transition from summer to fall. It reminds me of the falling leaves and is a great compliment to the cozy sweaters, jeans, and more that are making their way into our wardrobes. In this scenario, I paired them with a cream J. Crew sweater, rolled J. Crew jeans, my Louis Vuitton cross-body (which is also a great accompaniment to fall colors), a leather Ralph Lauren belt and this leather cuff. This water-resistant suede and Vibram® sole are perfect for the ever-existing potential for a little sprinkle as we enter into fall. These booties also have on of the comfiest insoles called Ortholite®. Although I am not usually one for booties, this was a major persuasion point in my deciding to get these (and my 3 other pairs of Trask shoes). #Fall #Boots #Booties #Fashion #mytrask

  • Give me Liberty and Give me Cute!

    This summer, I got this darling Liberty top from one of their partnerships with J.Crew. J.Crew is one of my favorite brands for basics in my wardrobe but when I saw this collection with Liberty, I fell in love. The pops of color and prints were to die for and I soon purchased this top. Its vibrant print is the perfect piece for something that can be dressed up or down. In this instance, I paired it with a pair of J.Crew jeans, Vince Camuto navy suede flats (similar here, and here) Ray-Ban aviators, my Micheal Kors tortoise watch, and my Louis Vuitton crossbody bag. One of my favorite parts about this top is the little details. Whether it be the ruffled edges or the off the shoulder style, this piece says it all. I also think that this shirt is a great statement piece for the end of summer and beginning of fall. As we head into fall I will be pairing it with my new shoes from Trask (a company that I will be doing a blog post on soon!). Happy Fall! *This shirt is selling fast so here are some similar pieces that will soon find their way into my wardrobe. ;) #SunValley #Fashion #JCrew #Liberty

  • Little Piece of Paris

    I am having withdrawals now that school has officially begun; I just can't believe it! In order to transport my self (and you ;) ) back to New York I put together this piece on a little French café in NYC. Located all around the magnificent city you can find little nooks called Le Pain Quotidien. As my sister and I were shopping we decided to have lunch at the beautiful location in Central Park. With the view of a pond and people passing by, we enjoyed a delicious Grilled Chicken and Smoked Mozzarella Baguette. Made on a fresh French Baguette and seasoned with a variety of herbs, this was the perfect way to fuel our busy bodies. We also shared the Croque Monsieur. On wheat sourdough bread and filled with grilled cheese, ham, and herbs de Provence, this divine sandwich will literally melt in your mouth. To quench our thirst we each had homemade Rasberry Lemonade and freshly squeezed Lemonade. It was so hot out so this was the perfect way to relax and reboot. :) Lastly, we enjoyed a scrumptious Apple Turnover decorated with sugar crystals in a means of enhancing the sweet and flaky interior of the treat. Next time you are in New York City, be sure to make Le Pain Quotidien a stop on your adventure! #NewYorkCity #Restaurant #Food #Cafe #Bakery #Lunch #French #Travel

  • Picnic at Eataly

    While exploring the financial district, my sister and I went to lunch at Eataly. Eataly is a wonderful Italian market, founded by Oscar Farinetti, filled with fine meats, cheeses, and other delicacies. First, we took a loop around the market place to see what we were inspired by. Then, we went back to each item we had "bookmarked" and knew we were in for a special treat. We started with the Pasta Fredda with Sweet Pork Sausage, Pecorino, Broccoli Rabe, Pine Nuts, and Olive Oil. Following, we split a Panino Prosciutto Crudo with fresh Mozzarella. As a side we had a small bowl of fresh pineapple that was to die for. And lastly, we treated ourselves to a crepé at the Nutella bar where we were sitting. I would definitely recommend making Eataly a destination on your New York itinerary, as it was the perfect start to an afternoon of exploring the city! #Eataly #Food #NewYorkCity #Italian

  • Eloise at the Plaza

    Last week I was in New York City and stayed at The Plaza. When looking for places to stay I kept two things in mind, 1.Location 2.Customer Service/Quality. Located in the southeast corner of Central Park, The Plaza was perfect. When we arrived at The Plaza we were greeted by sweet treats and Belvoir Sparkling Elderflower & Rose Lemonade. In advance, my sister and I made sure that we would be maximizing our time in New York by creating a day-to-day itinerary. The objective of this trip was not necessarily one of tourist means but instead one of shopping and exploring the city streets. :) We made a list of all of the stores that we wanted to go to, pinned each of them on a map, and then divided/assigned them (based on location) to a day. Next, we worked on the meal aspect of our trip. I made sure that for each day we at least had a lunch and dinner. We knew (based on previous trips and practicality) that breakfast was not going to be a major meal for us so we decided that if we were hungry we would grab something quick at a little cafe on our way but did not necessarily need a reservation/plan. Keeping all of this in mind The Plaza Hotel was a spectacular location for us to call home. *There will be a full New York City Travel Guide & Itinerary coming soon! #Travel #NewYorkCity #Hotel

  • Sunset at Globus

    In Sun Valley, ID there are a variety of restaurants and each presents a unique twist on the culture represented. At Globus, the Asian fusion menu is fantastic! We requested to sit on the outdoor patio upstairs in order to watch the sunset and to possibly see the northern lights. It was so beautiful that night and the sky was amazing. I would definitely recommend requesting the outdoor seating area as the environment is ideal. While dining, the area is lit by strands of lights above and candles illuminate each table. To start we ordered the chili glazed brussel sprouts, Tandoori naan bread, and the five spice pork dumplings. The chili glazed brussel sprouts were the perfect dish to share among several adults (with a couple other small plates) because a scoop or two and you were set. The grilled edges were well balanced by the sweet and spicy glaze. The dumplings were also fantastic. They were filled with flavor and the side sauce was just the right accompaniment. As my main dish, I had the Green Thai Curry and it was fantastic. I have had it as described on the menu in the past but typically add a protein. This time I paired it with grilled chicken. Some of the other dishes that individuals in my party ordered were the baby back ribs and the bison special. The ribs were made with a honey hoisin BBQ sauce and on the side, there was an apple & celery slaw and jasmine rice. Another individual in our party ordered the special, a bison tenderloin with fresh sprouts. Between the fresh and local ingredients that were used to create each fantastic dish and the lovely scenery, the night was spectacular to say the least. #SunValley #Restaurant #Food #Dinner #Travel

  • Tory Burch Flare

    With summer upon us, I was inclined to post this outfit that is versatile for various occasions but most importantly keeps the heat in mind. I love this new Tory Burch shirt (it has easily become a favorite). This tunic is lightweight, breathable and a great length. Whether you want to wear it as a nice out-to-dinner shirt with shorts like I did, or as a beach cover-up, it is perfect. The fringe is one of my favorite parts. The stark white contrasts perfectly with the rich navy blue and vibrant yellow detailing making it chic and classic. Also, I absolutely love these J. Crew shorts. They are a staple piece for the warm weather months and are always easily paired. I accompanied this outfit with these cute espadrilles from Castañer (similar here), my Louis Vuitton crossbody bag, and a Tiffany & Co. charm bracelet. These pictures were taken on my trip to Hawaii and I am already wishing that I was back. I hope that this post inspires you to transform everyday pieces, match them with something special, and take you back to somewhere with no worries and a warm breeze. #Travel #FourSeasonsResortHualalai

  • Roundhouse Haven

    A couple days ago I went on a morning hike with my parents and it felt amazing! We were debating on which hike to conquer and decided to stay close to home by tackling Bald Mountain in Sun Valley, Idaho (where I will be for most of the summer). We got up (a little later than we had hoped :/) and started the trek. In the past, we had usually done one of the main trails that lead (at a semi-leisurely pace) to the top but this time decided to head straight up. It ended up being perfect and we made it to the top and back down to Roundhouse Lodge for a late lunch. I ordered the Turkey & Brie Sandwich with a Quinoa & Kale salad side. It was just what we needed and felt like a great reward. ;) We also shared the Mezze Platter of hummus, homemade yogurt, cucumbers, carrots, warm pita, and a honey glaze. After lunch, we made our way back down the Roundhouse trail to the base and were greeted by the beautiful River Run Lodge. On our hike, I wore this Sofibella Razorback Tank that kept me cool and comfortable and also these Lululemon shorts. Such a great way to start the day. :) #RoundhouseLodge #SunValley #Lunch #Hiking #Exercise #RiverRunLodge #Food #Travel

  • Wanderfish Pokè

    I was in the mood for something fresh, filling, and quick for dinner and while researching on Yelp, came across a little nook in Capital Hill called Wanderfish Pokè. I later walked in and was greeted with an open atmosphere and a counter filled with fresh ingredients to help cultivate a fantastic pokè bowl. In my bowl, I had a base of bamboo rice (which was amazing), ahi, seaweed, carrots, edamame, sprouts, green onions, their sweet & spicy sauce and much more. I loved the idea of customizing your own bowl but they also have a variety of set options if you are feeling indecisive. Give it a try if you are in the area or looking for something quick, easy, and stress-free. #Restaurant #Pokè #Food #CapitalHill #Seattle

  • Little Piece of Italy

    This past weekend I dined with my family at a restaurant called Bar Cantinetta. They have several locations but in recent years opened one in Madison Valley. It is a perfect place for a date night, casual but nice family dinner or a birthday get together with friends. We started with several anti-pastas including their burrata, caprese salad, and the baked cedar plank pecorino. The cedar plank is absolutely fantastic. It is a cheese dish that is melted and is the perfect balance of sweet and savory. For our main courses. we ordered the Pappardelle, the Ricotta Spinach Gnudi, the pasta special, and the pizza special. To top off the evening we ended with two rounds of zeppole. Zeppole are a bite-sized donut type pastry engulfed in a cinnamon sugar concoction and filled with warm Nutella. If you are in the area, I would definitely recommend this quaint Italian haven. Enjoy! #Restaurant #Italian

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