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Pumpkin Patch Adventures

Happy Halloween!

With Halloweekend upon us, I thought that I would share a fun activity for those of all ages-- the pumpkin patch. This year my family and I went to the pumpkin patch on the most spectacular day. It was sunny and although there was a slight breeze the warmth of the sun warmed our backs perfectly.

The weather is one of my favorite things about fall. We are greeted by crisp temperatures every morning, perfect for sweaters and boots galore, and if we are lucky here in Seattle, the sun. In anticipation for my adventure next year of potentially moving away from Seattle for college, I am growing to appreciate some of the things that I know are unique to the Pacific Northwest. This has been one of the best falls that I can remember, and I don't want to jinx anything but I am hoping that it decides to accompany us for a little while longer. :)

For our trip to the pumpkin patch this year (as tradition) we ventured over to Remlinger Farms. It is a beautiful piece of land that has everything from corn mazes, to several pumpkin patch areas (ready for the claiming!), and a market where you can find the biggest caramel apples, fresh pies, and other gifts from the land.

I wore these Hunter boots, on our adventure, that were perfect! I love these boots because they are unique and don't resemble every other Hunter on the market but comfortable as well. I paired them with my J. Crew Field Jacket, a striped navy and cream long sleeve, my Frame jeans, and a George, Gina, and Lucy purse.

I encourage you to take on this seasonal tradition and I hope that you have a fun and safe Halloween!

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