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Arriving at Hualalai


We arrived at the Four Seasons Hualalai and it was just what I needed. After taking the short drive from the airport to the resort we were greeted with leis, fresh POG, and juicy pineapple. The sun, which had been a foreign concept to Seattlites for the past 5+ months, was beaming tropical rays of perfection.

While packing I brought an array of blouses, dresses (long and short), shorts and other warm weather essentials. I swear I hadn't even looked at these items in my closet until recently because of the weather that we have been having in Seattle. Let's just say, this was a much-needed vacation and I am grateful to get to go on these trips.

For brunch, I wore this lavender pink top and navy shorts from J.Crew. I accessorized them with this pompom scarf that I got when I was in Hualalai this past summer, a pair of sunnies, an orange Hermes bracelet and orange espadrilles.

This scarf is so fun because it was handmade by a woman named Jemma Sands. The bright colors against the chalk white are the perfect combination and make this an excellent accent. She also made a dress, that I will do a post on later, that is darling.

For brunch, we had reservations at Ulu. It was divine and I highly recommend it to anyone that will be making the trip. Whether it be the fantastic cuisine that ranged from fresh ahi poke to delicate French macaroons or the cute decorations at each "station", the scene was ideal.

I will keep you up-to-date on outfits, restaurants, and the Hualalai experience, while hopefully sharing some Hawaiian vibes with all of you!

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