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10 Fall Wardrobe Staples to Prioritize This Season

When it comes to dressing for fall, there are a lot of elements we have to think about -- literally. One minute it could be sunny and 75* and the next, it could be hailing. Especially here in the mountains, you never know what you're going to get. So with this in mind, we have to build our fall wardrobes mindfully and creating a solid foundation is the first step.

When investing in new pieces for fall, there are three factors that I always try to keep in mind: layering, seasonality, and timelessness.

Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Building a Fall Wardrobe:

  1. Can you layer with it?

  2. Is it seasonally appropriate?

  3. Is this something I would wear next year or even next season?

If it doesn't check at least 2 of these, it's a pass (the 3rd being the post important in my eyes).

After you've established this baseline, it's time to prioritize these 10 staple items this season.

10 Fall Wardrobe Staples to Prioritize This Season

  1. Classic Base Layers

  2. Versatile Knitwear

  3. Structured Coat

  4. Classic Blazer

  5. (Faux) Leather Pants

  6. Dark Wash Denim

  7. Ballet Flat or Loafer

  8. Tall Black or Brown Boot

  9. Simple Handbag

  10. Statement Belt

Now it's time for some inspiration!

Classic Base Layers

Versatile Knitwear

Structured Coat

Classic Blazer

(Faux) Leather Pants

Dark Wash Denim

Ballet Flat or Loafer

Tall Black or Brown Boot

Simple Handbag

Classic Belt

Let me know what your fall staples are in the comments.

Happy shopping!

- Caroline


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