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October Highlights

Snowy Bald Mountain Sun Valley, ID

The months are flying by - I realize this more and more as I consistently write these monthly recaps. We are officially moving into winter, and with this shift comes the holidays, gift giving, quality time with family, cozy recipes and even cozier clothes.

In the coming months on the blog, you can look forward to discovering more recipes, a variety of holiday gift guides, and inspiring seasonal content.

What's New

This past month has been filled with a healthy balance of fun adventures and settling into a post-summer routine. I am a creature of habit, so establishing some sort of routine is crucial -- especially while working from home. Naturally, after finishing 75 Hard, I had to seek a new physical challenge. So, I decided to start training for a marathon. There aren't any marathons happening locally (which is reasonable given that snow has already begun to fall!), but I'm excited to embark on this journey of real-training for a fake marathon. ;) I'm following the Run with Hal program if you feel so inclined to join in!

One of the highlights of the month was heading out to North Carolina. It was my first time there and such a beautiful place! I will be sure to compile a list of my favorite spots and must haves for your reference.

Recent Finds

Whether you're in search of a gift or looking to treat yourself, here are a few recent finds that I have my eye on.

My Favorite Recipe of the Month

Baked Ziti

This past month we resurfaced one of our favorite recipes. We hadn't made this Baked Ziti in years and it was even better than we remembered. After making a few tweaks to the original, we have perfected it. I will be sure to share a full post that breaks down how just a couple of adjustments took it to the next level this time.

Happy winter!

- Caroline


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