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How to Layer for Fall: The 3-Layer Method

With fall comes the exciting challenge of layering. With 30 degree mornings turning into 70 degree days, it's important that you dress strategically. Taking on this task should always start with checking the forecast -- because while Mother Nature always seems to have a curveball in her back pocket, it's worth having an idea.

When figuring out how to layer for fall, the 3-layer method is the perfect place to start:

  1. Base Layer - a light weight layer that is both warm and comfortable against the skin. Examples of a base layer are a t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, or camisole.

  2. Mid Layer - a thicker layer that can be wore on top of your base layer and fits well under your outer layer. Examples of a mid layer include a sweater or a cardigan.

  3. Outer Layer - a warm layer that protects you from the elements and fits comfortably over all layers and can be easily shed. Examples of an outer layer include a jacket or coat.

Discover some of my recent finds that are sure to help you navigate dressing for fall using the 3-Layer Method broken down by base layer, mid layer, and outer layer.

Base Layer

Mid Layer

Outer Layer

Happy layering! Stay Cozy.

- Caroline


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