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What to Pack for a Fall Getaway

Whether you're venturing out to admire the ever-changing leaves or escaping to a mountain town up north, it's important to plan on including the essentials when packing for a fall getaway that are both stylish and practical. While planning your wardrobe, reach for pieces such as cozy cashmere knits, long coats, a water resistant layer, wide leg denim, comfortable sneakers, and boots. To make the most out of your weekender bag, consider where you might be able to choose versatile options, as well. I would start by considering a pair of go-to denim or shoes.

Seize the season with a crisp fall getaway and channel inspiration from this thoughtfully curated packing list.

Fall Getaway Packing List

  1. Base Layers - Shirts, Tees

  2. Mid Layers - Sweaters, Vests,

  3. Outer Layers - Coats, Jackets, Waterproof layers

  4. Accessories - Hat, Gloves, Scarves, Belt, Tote/Purse

  5. Shoes - Comfortable Sneakers, (Rain) Boots

  6. The Basics - Undergarments, Warm Socks, Toiletries, Chargers, etc.

Fall Getaway Essentials

Let me know which pieces you would pack in the comments.

Bon voyage!

- Caroline


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